PRT GmbH builds high quality setups for polyolefin and free-radical poylmerizations. All setups are delivered fully tested and demonstrated in factory- and site acceptance tests (FAT and SAT), ATEX if required. Operation manuals, datasheets, mechanical documents and essential spare parts are included within all our offers. Setups can be purchased, new to customer desires or used prefabricated. All our products are delivered fully tested with warranty up to 5 years.

Our integrated aproach comprises all the essential elements of catalytic and free-radical polymerization technologies.

  • Reactors (1mL to 1m3)
  • Transparent cold-flow fluidization plants (up to 2m diameter)
  • Injection units
  • Gas / liquid feed control
  • Gas/liquid purification units, temperature-pressure-flow controlled
  • Data acquisition and control
  • Temperature and pressure control
  • Online analysis
  • Catalyst preparation
  • Complete plants



Multi purpose batch reactors

PRT GmbH provides stainless steel jacketed multipurpose batch reactors for olefin polymerization. Our reactor systems are mounted in mobile stainless steel frames. The combination of the reactor, feed supply, injection and temperature control makes such a system a mobile plug-and-play tool.


Volume range 0.5 - 20 L
Pressure range UHV -250 bara
Temperature range 10-220 ?C


The reactor itself can be optionally equiped with:
  • Bottem valve for sampling
    (when internal heater is not present)
  • Interchangable stirrers
  • Elevator system for easy handling
  • Stirrer speed control
  • Multistage safety system

Click here for an example of a 5L propylene multipurpose batch reactor

Click here for an example of a 1.6L ethylene multipurpose batch reactor

Click here for an example of a 5L high temperature solution polymerization multipurpose batch reactor.



Oscillation reactor

Layered polymer particles can be produced by oscillating feed gas composition. Fast changing concentrations of monomer, co-monomer, hydrogen and inert gas allow us to make a perfect "particle design".

Oscillation frequencies down to one second can generate billions of domains with different polymer composition within a single particle.

Click here for an example of a feed oscillation reactor


Single particle observation reactor

One can observe the growth rate and surface temperature of single particles in gas phase polymerizations. Surface temperature and particle size is analyzed by IR thermal imaging. This data results in a simultaneous heat and mass balance. Crack behavior by growth stress of single particles can be studied by optical microscopy and morhogenesis of a single particle can be studied.

In cooperation with the research centre Rossendorf in Dresden, the morphology of such particles can be studied by means of computer tomography (CT).

Click here for an example of a single particle observation reactor


Cold flow fluidized bed

Cold flow fluidized bed models up to 63 cm internal diameter and 5 m height are available and flows up to 250 m/hr

Solid and gas flow patterns can be studied in standard fluidized and/or circulating beds.

PRT special interests go to slugging mode reactors.

Click here for an example of a cold flow fluidized bed


Injection system


For injection of preactivated catalyst into a prepared reaction mixtures gives instanteneous polymerization kinetic results.

The remote controlled slurry injection system is is continuously flushed with a nitrogen flow whether a injection vial is present or not. A plunger sucks the slurry from . As the injection system is usually connected to a solvent feed



Single batch powser injection



Multicomponent injection

Gas & Liquid feed

Mass flow controlled feed

  • Mass flow controlled gas feed
  • Mass flow controlled liquid feed


Controlled evaporator mixer feed for liquid co-monomer feed


liquid feeds

HPLC controlled high pressure feed


Standard gas feeds and utilities

  • vacuum systems
  • Nitrogen for flushing
  • Pressure controll systems



Feed purification

Gas/Liquid Purification

PRT builds gas and liquid purification systems for labscale reactor systems and pilot plants. The purification on the bases of copper catalysts and molecular sieves gives selective high purity gas quality results.

Components: hydrogen, nitrogen, ethylene, propylene and/or solvent (Hexane, etc)

outlet pressure: 60 bar

Throughput: 3-30 kg/day
Quality: polymerization grade
Outlet pressure range up to 100 bara

The purification unit can be optionally equiped with a feed control system.

Click here for some examples of a single component purification systems


Data acquisition and control

Data acquisition

PC, Webbased


PC, Webbased, pneumatic valves, 19" rack

Image. Screenshot


Temperature control

Water system

  • Normal water system
  • Pressurized water system
  • Isoperibolic heating system where the jacket temperature is kept constant
  • Isothermal heating system where the reactor temperature is controlled


Thermal fluid system

oil heating systems


Internal heating system

Isothermal calorimetric heating system, where the temperature is controlled and the heat production is measured.


Electrical heating system

for regeneration of purification


Online analysis

IR analysis

Online Infra-red gas analysis for main reactor components and composition control


Micro GC analysis

semi-online analysis. Connected to DAQ system for composition control


Catalyst preparation



Compleet systems

All systems described in this section can be combined to a complete labscale reactor system or pilot plant.

About Polymer Reactor Technology

Based on more than 120 man-years of research experience, PRT designs and builds affordable setups, including service, training and warranty. The setup size can range from single-particle reactors to industrial pilot plant size. Based on professor Weickert's patents, PRT is developing components of new gas phase polymerization technologies and has a number of sophisticated labscale setups that can be used by our clients for commercial and academic research projects. We lease lab and pilot infrastructure.

Dr. Günter Weickert

Günter Weickert is CEO, owner and founder of PRT GmbH.