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PRT wishes to contribute to the international discussion on olefin polymerization kinetics, molecular properties and morphology of polyolefins. Please find some selected results below. For more detailed information please contact Prof. Günter Weickert.


Fact 1: Single particle growth

Fact 2: Single particle growth

Fact 3: Single particle growth

Fact 4: Life Time of a Polymer Chain


About Polymer Reactor Technology

Based on more than 120 man-years of research experience, PRT designs and builds affordable setups, including service, training and warranty. The setup size can range from single-particle reactors to industrial pilot plant size. Based on professor Weickert's patents, PRT is developing components of new gas phase polymerization technologies and has a number of sophisticated labscale setups that can be used by our clients for commercial and academic research projects. We lease lab and pilot infrastructure.

Dr. Günter Weickert

Günter Weickert is CEO, owner and founder of PRT GmbH.