Polymer property characterization

PRT GmbH offers a variety of polymer analysis. Please contact us for your specific needs. The flexibillity and experience within PRT GmbH will assist you in obtaining your desired results.


Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution can be analysed by laser diffraction with our Sympatec Helos Vario.

Range:  50 - 3000 µm
repeatability:  s < 1% mean rel. SD
comparability x10, x50, x90:

/Dx/< 2.5% rel max. deviation,
< 5% rel. submicron deviation

As an alternative for laser diffraction sieve tray analysis are also possible.

Melt Flow Index

For industrial standardization the melt flow index (MFI), melt flow rate (MFR), melt volume rate (MVR), and melt density/viscosity can be analysed with the Davenport Melt Flow Indexer MFI-10.

The method complies with BS 2782 Part 7: Method 720A, ISO 1133 and ASTM 1238 Methods A and B

Temperature range:  40 - 400 °C

Polymer sorption

Analysis for the sorption of polymerization feed gases and co-monomer vapors in polymers are performed in the Rubotherm gravimetric sorption balance.

Pressure range: UHV - 150 Bar.
Temperature:  ambient - 150 °C
Resolution:  1 µg
Reproducibillity:  30 µg
Relative error: = 0.002% 
Cell load:  5-30 g

Click here for a detailed schematic of the rubotherm magnetic sorption balance.

Molecular weight

The molecular weight can be analysed using Lauda Intrinsic viscosity analysis. The analysis equipment consist of a S-5 Ubbelohde On-line Rinsing Capillary (PVS 1/2), connected to a controller/heater system (see images). The complete setup is PC controlled.

The molecular weight can be determined using the Mark-Houwink relationship. With inhouse developed techniques, the intrinsic viscosity (Staudinger Index) can be evaluated up to viiscosity average molecular weights of 7x106 g/mol in case of UHMWPE.


We can do pore size analysis of particles using a Micromeretics Autopore III 9410  mercury porosimeter.

Pore Size range:  0.006~360 µm
Pressure Range: 0 - 4081 Bar 
Intrusion Resolution: < 0.1 µl/g


About Polymer Reactor Technology

Based on more than 120 man-years of research experience, PRT designs and builds affordable setups, including service, training and warranty. The setup size can range from single-particle reactors to industrial pilot plant size. Based on professor Weickert's patents, PRT is developing components of new gas phase polymerization technologies and has a number of sophisticated labscale setups that can be used by our clients for commercial and academic research projects. We lease lab and pilot infrastructure.

Dr. Günter Weickert

Günter Weickert is CEO, owner and founder of PRT GmbH.