PRT has developed highly efficient purification units for catalytic olefin polymerizations based on BASF’s purification catalysts. We consider such units as indispensable for generating highly reproducible and reliable kinetic data and product sampling. Several units have been exported.

Our integrated aproach comprises all the essential elements of catalytic and free-radical polymerization technologies.

This is a purification unit 6PU

It is temperature and pressure controlled

It is used for purification of

• Ethene
• Propene
• Propane
• Heptane
• Hydrogen
• Nitrogen

The columms are skid mounted and can be pulled out for beter accessebility.

This is a 5pu purification for a polymerisation setup(just befor shiping)

The setup was made for 5 components ( Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Ethylene, Propylene and hexane.) the setup keeps the bed temperature constant and is pressure and flow controlled.