We have a large number of special devices on stock that can be quickly combined to complete polymerization plants, adapted to our partners requests.
Furthermore, a number of operational plants are available. Please contact us – we recommend a visit at PRT to discuss all requested details.
Typical services that we have done so far can serve as examples:
“sampling” stands for production of special grades 1kg…400kg
  • catalysts tests in liquid propylene
  • PE wax sampling
  • HDPE kinetics and sampling
  • LLDPE sampling
  • POE kinetics and sampling
  • UHMWPE sampling
Continuous and batch polymerization, slurry, gas phase, liquid pool and solution polymerization can be carried out in single- and multi-stage plants.
All kind of catalysts can be used. PRT developed special procedures and equipment for operating fully-filled reactors, for slurry and liquid propylene, up to 250°C and 150 bar.
Our analytical equipment allows quick decisions for optimizing recipes and procedures for both polymerization and processing.